Vegan! And other dirty words.

August 28, 2017

What's the quickest way to garner the animosity and defensiveness of a room full of people? Tell them you're vegan. 

This blog was conceptualized by my Standard American family primarily to document our own physical, mental, and spiritual journey to not just feeling healthier, but feeling WELL. This was only supposed to go as far as simple health improvement. Lose a little weight, maybe have a bit more energy, maybe have a little self-righteous food consumption, the kind that doesn't bring images of chickens' legs breaking under their own weight, you know...normal stuff. 


But an interesting thing happened along the way...real change. I left for a trip to Europe that was to last a month. My sister thought she'd give being vegan a try while I was gone (I have tried to be vegan for the last few years...tried meaning I totally half-assed it *palm to forehead*). And then my mom joined her...and then dad even joined in. And when I returned to California, I was shocked! And I'm not just talking about physicality. Yes, weightloss, clear skin, boundless energy are all things to be celebrated, but the greatest change was in the mind. General pleasantness, calm, peace, clarity, less stress. 


Mental health became radically apparent in all of our plant-based transformations. We felt well. And for the first time in a long time. We could go into all the reasons why animal products are detrimental to human health, pick up basically any health book or study that isn't in some way funded by the meat and dairy industries. But that's not the point of this blog. We have stumbled along a path that leads to true wellness, and without supplementing or drugs. This is good news. Cheap healthcare. Delicious food. Tired of looking like a blob? Ready to be human shaped again? Want to do it without weightloss surgery? Without expensive pills or gimmicky nutrition companies? Eat your damn vegetables. And visit your mother, Mother Nature. 


Standard American Vegan. Because the Standard American Diet is killing us. We're just here to occupy a little space on the internet and hopefully provide a lot of real healthcare. Because healthy eating should be the new norm. So we're not crazy, just vegan. And vegan is the future. 


*Lauren Bonczek, RN, BSN (background in cardiac telemetry nursing and PACU)

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