Is it really a sacrifice?

September 4, 2017

Though I’ve always tried to eat healthy, I am as guilty as the next person of running through the local burger drive thru when having a busy day running errands (or was just too lazy - I mean rushed, to pack a lunch for work). However, this past spring as I listened to our pastor speak about the weeks leading to Easter and about sacrifice, It became very apparent to me that I should give up meat for Lent. No burning bush or anything, but I knew. My husband was a bit surprised when I let him know of my decision. Not that I was giving up meat, more that I was giving up anything. I’m not exactly the stoic type. The interesting thing about those meatless weeks, was that I simply did not miss it. The family didn’t really miss it.


After Easter, and the requisite gorging on ham and the cheesy side dishes. We basically went back to eating very little meat. Cheese, yogurt, milk, that is another story. When my youngest daughter came to visit and talked about her wish to continue being vegan, I was eye rolling so hard that I needed to take to my bed and massage my temples. Later, my other daughter mentioned that she felt so much better in college when she gave up dairy and wanted to try being vegan. I gave in, my son and husband were on a quick cross-country drive and now was the perfect time to give this vegan thing a whirl. At least for a week. Funny thing, my hip stopped hurting. My energy was higher. My right side, that always nagged at me and reminded me that “you’re not getting any younger”, began to quiet down, and then my husband came home from his traveling. I will let him pick up that story.



Suffice it to say, we got very serious as a family about this vegan lifestyle. As a massage therapist, I am in tune with many modalities to help my clients feel their best. Massage, yoga, meditation, exercise, many forms of body work. Could it be this simple? Well, we are on a journey of discovery here. In a few short weeks, we have made a lot of changes as a family and experienced a lot of positive changes in our health as a result. We are eager to continue. My sincere desire is that you will join us.



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