Miley Cyrus was right.

September 4, 2017

I have always loved animals. When I was little, like so many girls, I wanted to be a veterinarian.  However, this changed once I realized part of the job would be to put animals to sleep and I knew I couldn't do that. Since I still love animals, I ended up getting a biology degree in college. I loved my classes in ecology, animal behavior, and marine biology and I really thought I would end up working in conservation biology because who doesn't want to save and protect animals? 


Life however lead me in a different job direction but my love of animals is still strong and is one of the reasons I will never eat meat or animal byproducts again. Surprisingly though, this was not the original reason I went vegan.  Chronic fatigue and stomach issues plagued me since I was probably around eleven years old.  I have seen various doctors about this and they never gave me a solution.  I was pretty sure fatigue and stomach pain was just who I was and I hated it.  My sister has boundless energy and I felt like i was letting her down all the time because I was too tired to keep up with her. 


In June 2017, a few days before she was going to leave on a month long trip to Europe, we were out hiking and having deep discussions about fitness and health and she said “why don't you try going vegan?”  She had been an on and off again vegan for a while and had seen great results in her own feelings of wellbeing. I decided it was time to give it a try so I told her that I would be strictly vegan while she was gone. 


After two weeks my pains were lessened and some symptoms were even gone completely. I had much more energy now and an overall happiness that I had never felt before.  This happiness and the knowledge that what I do and eat does not hurt my body or cause suffering and pain to another life form is something that I wish for everyone to experience.


"If you choose to eat meat, you love pets, not animals." -Miley Cyrus




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