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September 5, 2017

Everyone needs a great salsa recipe in their arsenal of go to sauces and we have one that is so good, it's a meal in itself. The accolades for this tasty treat go to my brother, Larry. He lives in the south and he and my darling sister-in-law, Joanie, love to cook and entertain, and did I say cook? And entertain? And Cook? This is such a wonderful salsa that you will want to keep it on hand at all times, but especially when you can get garden fresh ingredients. You really NEED to plant a salsa garden. Even if it's in small pots on an apartment balcony. Fresh is best.





One little caution. My brother likes his salsa hot. I don't. I'll give you his version with my small adjustments in parenthesis. 


Put these ingredients in a blender: 

12 - small Thai peppers, stems and seeds removed 

(Susan's version - 9 jalapeños, stems and seeds removed)

8 medium roma tomatoes 

3 - cloves of garlic

(my husband always wants more garlic)

2 - 10oz cans Rotel diced 


Blend above ingredients into a smooth sauce and add the following ingredients "chunky style".


1 - medium red onion, diced

A handful of fresh chopped cilantro to taste

1 - 15oz can black eye peas, drained and rinsed

1 - 15oz can black beans, drained and rinsed

1 - 12oz can pickled jalapeño peppers diced with juice

(Susan's version - dial it back to half of the jar and save the rest for Lauren's pickled jalapeño sour cream)

2 - 7.5 oz cans hot jalapeño relish 

(Susan's version - I never use only because I can never find it - someday I'll try it)


Mix all ingredients in a large bowel. You are ready to feast or let it sit for a couple of days and let the flavors really take off. Larry says it's ready when it begins to growl.














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