Vegan Power - Is it possible to be an elite athlete and eat a vegan diet? You betcha!

September 22, 2017

I eat a vegan diet and walk a lot, but I don't have any really heavy workout routines.  One of the things others have said to me when discussing my vegan diet is, "I work out a lot, so I need the animal protein to fuel my workouts".  So I wondered, are there any elite athletes out there who eat a vegan diet.  Well apparently there are.


I love ice hockey and one of my favorite players is Ryan O'Reilly of the Buffalo Sabers and the Canadian Olympic Team. 


In this linked article from the Toronto Sun, O'Reilly is mentioned as eating a vegan diet.  Other articles I found say that he eats mostly vegetarian, but wants to eat vegan as much as possible.  Since the main subject of the article is Elliotte Friedman who is one of the most respected gurus of all things hockey, I'd have to think that "The Factor" is pretty close to a true vegan.  The article also mentions that tennis champ Venus Williams eats a vegan diet.  So next time someone say to you, "but how would I get the protein I need?" you'll know what to say.


This article is another testimony on how changing the way you eat can be life changing.  Enjoy and eat healthy my friends!


Plant diet powers hockey broadcaster Elliotte Friedman



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