The Green Smoothie

September 28, 2017

A.K.A. green magic elixir that will enlighten you. I know what you're thinking...oh great, Lauren's gone FULL ON hippy. She probably smells like patchouli and is growing out her armpit hair. False.


I just know magic when I see it. And I smell more like woodsage and sea salt, thank you very much.


And since this smoothie is magical, I'd highly recommend your favorite Disney mug. 




So follow this recipe and add in whatever you fancy. I promise can go the distance, and you'll never know how far you'll go if the wind in your sails always stays behind you!


This recipe is only the Bare Necessities, so have fun and don't be surprised if this opens up A Whole New World of smoothie possibilities! 



Sorry for all the Disney, actually....NOT SORRY! HAKUNA MATATA!


Green Magic


handful of spinach

(spoonful of sugar.....just kidding, NO SUGAR)

1/2 C Orange juice

tsp of whatever hippy green powder you can get your hands on (I used spirulina)

 1 tsp hemp seeds

1/2 C frozen fruit (I used peaches, we're drowning in them here in California)



1. Blend all ingredients together till smooth. You know...smooth-ie. Cheers! 





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