The Salad Master doesn't do "side salads"!

September 28, 2017

Everyone knows, great salads aren't made, they are created. 


A lot of people think that salad comes in a bag.  Sure, the bag may have some ingredients for a salad, but how boring is it to follow these recipe open, wash (optional - do you feel lucky punk, well do yah), serve.  For Pete's sake those bags even have pre-made dressing and chunks of stale bread!  Where is the forethought, where is the planning, where are the creative juices and most importantly, where are the olives?


Great salads can't be rushed and they can't be created in a large bowl and, gasp, tossed.  Yes, you can wash and spin your greens together, but they must be placed in individual serving bowls, not plates, to start the creation.  Think of the large bowl as the canvas and the greens, veggies, nuts, olives, raisins, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, and bacon bits (no wait, that was in a previous, less healthy life) as the palette of colors to create your masterpiece.



Key to a great salad is a great dressing.  Lauren has some terrific recipes that she has promised to post soon, so keep checking our site.  Finally, the bread.


If you can find Truckee Sourdough Company Rosemary Ciabatta bread,


serve this with olive oil from the Olive Pit in Corning, California.  Blood Orange  

olive oil with basil is very yummy. 


Finally, one of the real benefits of eating a vegan diet is how easy the dishes are to clean after dinner.  No more grease or sticky dressings!  Eat healthy my friends.



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