The Salad Master says, "Put pumpkin seeds on your salad, not bacon bits!"

October 4, 2017



It kind of goes without saying on a vegan blog, but believe it or not there are far, far too many people who still eat bacon, even on their salads. Maybe those folks don’t know about all the bad things bacon does to your body or the environmental disasters caused by pig farms. Maybe all they can think about is how good all that crispy meat tastes. Probably they don’t realize that there are all kinds of better choices to add to your salads that are much healthier, more environmentally friendly and, yes – wait for it, tastes great. One such item is pumpkin seeds.


Along with the great taste there are loads of good things that pumpkin seeds do for your body. According to Reader’s Digest "Food Cures", 2013 edition one of the best things pumpkin seeds do for you and me is give us zinc, yes zinc, "one of the most critical nutrients for overall immune function" (pg 194). This becomes even more important for us old farts, because many older folks are more than a bit short of recommended intake of zinc.


Speaking of old farts, if you have an enlarged prostate try increasing your zinc intake, not your bacon intake! Not to get too technical here, but the good stuff in pumpkin seeds do the same thing that prescription medication do for prostate enlargement (pg 264).


Feeling a bit tired, add pumpkin seeds to your salad to juice your magnesium levels to help convert what you eat into energy for that after dinner nature walk. An added benefit of taking in sufficient magnesium is for muscle relaxation and to help you sleep like log! Let’s see, relaxing muscles and helping you sleep, I wonder if foods like pumpkin seeds would lower blood pressure. Well guess what, they do (pg 188).


One last thing to think about, some studies show that kids with ADHD are deficient in iron and Omega 3 fatty acids. Add some pumpkin seeds to your kid’s salad and to their trail mix and see if they are better able to concentrate at school, because, according to Reader's Digest "Food Cures", pumpkin seeds are a great source of both iron and Omega 3 fatty acids!


Eat healthy my friends.



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