Chocolate Chip Cookies: Part 2

October 6, 2017

Although I enjoyed the Chocola-coco Chip Cookies: Part 1, I was pretty set on making the chocolate chip cookie that I have been making and enjoying since I was a teenager. I am quite particular about my choice of cookie. Fortunately, it was quite easy to come up with a new favorite.  


While I was making the trial cookies, I was a bit distracted and didn't just melt my butter and sugar together, but browned it a bit. I decided to just go for it and since there was still some coffee left in the carafe, I added a splash of it to the sugar mixture. What happens when you add a hit of molasses? Pure melt in your mouth perfection. I hope you enjoy. I know I'm happy. 


2 T freshly ground flax seed (use and electric coffee bean grinder)

2 T freshly brewed coffee

1 T molasses

1 Cup brown sugar (1/2 dark brown and 1/2 light brown is great, but not necessary)

1/3 Cup white sugar 

1 Cup Earth Balance Original Spread

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp fine ground sea salt

2 Cups unbleached white flour

1/2 tsp vanilla

12 ounces vegan chocolate chunks


Set oven to 350 degrees.


Add 6 tablespoons water to the freshly ground flax seed. Set aside. 


In a medium sauce pan, melt the Earth Balance, brown and white sugar until melted and just beginning to brown, take the pan off the heat and whisk briskly for 30 seconds. Sticking with the technique from America's Test Kitchen...leave it to sit for a minute. 

Don't forget to take this minute for dancing. It's part of the recipe and adds to the magic. Hooked on a Feeling is a wonderful option for this cookie. Oogachaga, oogachaga. 


Add your flaxseed/water mixture, coffee and molasses to the sugar and whisk for another 30 seconds. Let it rest another minute and shake your tail feathers. 


Add the vanilla, whisk 30 seconds and ....nope! Time to get to the dry ingredients. You may tap your feet to the music though.


In a large mixing bowl stir together flour, baking soda and salt.  Now, if your sugar mixture is cooled, go ahead and pour into dry ingredients and stir until combined. 


Add chocolate and mix again. If your sugar was still a bit warm you'll get some melting, but if you mix your chocolate in while the sugar is to warm, you're going to have a chocolate cookie, not a chocolate chip cookie. I like them kind of in between. Just a little melty. 


I use a clay cookie sheet, so it takes about 10 minutes to bake in a 350 degree oven. Just check them and when they are no longer glossy on top, they're ready. 











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