Fighting the "Big C"

October 10, 2017

What is the "Big C", cancer of course.


I've always felt that the best fight to fight is the one you can avoid.  In "Foods to Fight Cancer" Richard Beliveau, Ph. D. and Dr. Denis Gingras


site research from various sources such as the American Cancer Society, the World Cancer Research Fund, and the Canadian Cancer Society that identifies ten dietary and lifestyle recommendations to fight cancer.  These recommendations fall into two major categories:   Carcinogenic agents and Diet and control of weight. 


First on the list is smoking. 


If you are like me, you've never smoked a cigarette in your life.  But if you are like me you grew up breathing in second-hand smoke.  Well, nothing we can do about that.  And don't think badly about your folks if they were the source of your second-hand smoke.  Like so many  things in life, what we don't know can kill us.  And my folks didn't know how bad smoking was, though when they did find out they quit.  Fight on and don't smoke, tobacco or marijuana!


Next on the list is too much alcohol.  The recommended daily ration is no more that two four ounce glasses of wine for men and one four ounce glass for women.  Life isn't fair ladies.  Doesn't mention beer.  Hmmmm........perhaps we can drink as much of that as we like.  Just kidding. Fight on and don't drink too much!


Third and last of the carcinogenic agents is excessive exposure to UV rays.  Remember when having the perfect tan was a life's goal.  Zonker Harris in the Doonesbury comic strip did competitive tanning. 


Well for all Doonesbury fans we know that Zonker is still with us, but maybe he just got lucky.  Bottom line, avoid prolonged exposure.  Fight on and use sunscreen and avoid overexposure.


In the interest of brevity I'll list the diet and control of body weight factors.  Sedentary lifestyle. Lack of plant-based foods. 


Being overweight or obese.  Processed foods and junk food.  Too much red meat and processed meat.  Too much salt.  Taking supplements.  This is a pretty good endorsement of a vegan lifestyle.  And the food tastes so good. 


Fight on and exercise and eat a vegan diet while avoiding too much salt and getting your nutrition from food, not pills.



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