Dear Garlic Family,

October 28, 2017



At this time of year I am especially thankful for garlic.  As Halloween approaches we all know about garlics ability to repel vampires (and IRS agents, oops same thing), but maybe we aren't as aware of garlics ability to fight cancer.  Yes October and Mo-vember are special cancer awareness months and as you are about to read, we all need to up our garlic intake to ward off vampires, IRS agents, and particularly CANCER!!!




Garlic family, Allium, I love how you taste and smell.  There are so many ways we can use you to enhance the flavor of our vegan creations!  We stuff you in olives!  We dust our Truckee Sourdough Breads with you, after putting on a thin layer of EARTH BALANCE Original Spread.  We slice and dice you and add you to our chipotle stir fry.  We roast you whole and use you as a side dish. 



I know, it's insulting to consider you a side dish, you should be the main attraction.




You should be the main attraction because of your ability to fight cancer.  In Foods to Fight Cancer, Dr. Richard Beliveau and Dr. Denis Gingras cite numerous studies that have shown how you play an important role in "preventing cancers of the digestive system, especially stomach, esophagus, and colon cancer, and prostrate cancer."  FYI:  the chart on page 100 illustrates your effect in reducing the risk of the following cancers by these percentages.  Stomach cancer - 40%.  Cancer of the esophagus - 25%.  Prostrate cancer - 17.5%.  Colon cancer - 12.5%.  You are one bad ass bulb!  We all need to eat more of you.


Not to get too technical here, but the good doctor authors point out that "Garlic seems especially effective in preventing cancers caused by nitrosamines, a class of highly carcinogenic chemical compounds.  Our intestinal flora forms these chemical compounds whenever we consume nitrites, a class of food additives very widely used in the food industry to preserve ready-made marinades and meat products like sausages, bacon, and ham.  By preventing the formation of nitrosamines (powerful carcinogens that bind with DNA), garlic's phytochemical compounds reduce the risk that these enemy compounds will cause DNA mutations and, as a result, they lower the risk of developing cancer."  This is especially important for those out there who haven't seen the light and dedicated themselves to a vegan diet!  So, fellow vegan friends, shout from the mountain tops to your family and friends - DON'T EAT THAT SHIT!


The Allium family includes garlic, onions, chives, leeks, and shallots.  So how much garlic should I eat?  Good question.  My philosophy is you can never get enough garlic.  Stay tuned for more great recipes on the website that incorporate these champion cancer fighters.  Eat healthy my friends!

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