November 1, 2017

Made you smile didn't I.  Everyone loves cinnamon and for good reason.  It tastes great, brings back memories of Mom's apple pies, and even helps prevent blood clots.  Say whaaaaat!


Yes, cinnamon is "one of the most powerful healing spices.  It improves blood sugar control in people with diabetes, significantly lowering blood sugar with as little as 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoons a day.  Other benefits include cutting triglycerides (building blocks of fat) and lowering total cholesterol levels by 12 to 30 percent."  This is especially important considering how many of us are diabetic or soon will be because of our non-vegan eating habits and our less than active lifestyles.  Cinnamon also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  It's high in fiber and can reduce heart burn.  Check out the Reader's Digest Food Cures book for even more info on the health benefits of cinnamon.


Interestingly, cinnamon is being studied as a cancer fighter because of its huge proanthocyanidin content.  What's that?  Look at page 148 of Foods to Fight Cancer by Dr. Richard Beliveau and Dr. Denis Gingras for an explanation.  Bottom line though, even though it is early in the research cycle, foods like cinnamon, cocoa powder, red beans, hazelnuts, cranberries, and even red wine among other plant based foods have been shown to inhibit or prevent the growth of cancer cells.  Cinnamon is far and away the most power full of these foods and it tastes great.


Eat Healthy my friends.

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