Books We Love: How Not to Die

November 12, 2017

Have you been thinking about improving your health but you're just not sure where to begin? Have you begun to wonder if maybe it's time to take a hard look at your diet and lifestyle? Maybe you've searched the web, or wandered the bookstore for information and given up because of the contradictory information that you uncover. Perhaps you've even talked with your doctor about where to begin and walked away feeling as though the medical field just wants you to shut up and take your medicine. 


I have a great book for you to read in addition to the others we've already suggested. How Not to Die, by Dr. Michael GREGER.

 Dr. Greger not only has the knowledge to weed through all of the latest nutrition research, but he has a gift for teaching. Those two things, combined with a passion for getting the truth out to as many people as he can make this book a must read. If you're just not into reading, then head on over to his website, There you will find a lot of great informational videos to watch or sign up for his podcast. Stay healthy, stay informed.


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