Hot water with lemon, EVERYDAY

January 19, 2018

You should drink hot water with lemon. Everyday. As soon as you wake up. This simple tip can really set you up for success throughout the day! And here's why. These tips are taken from The Chalkboard Magazine, click here for the full article. 



And if you're feeling like you need a bit more flavor (and a LOT more antioxidants...AKA cancer fighters), add a bag of hibiscus tea. Watch Dr. Michael Gregor's video here, for more on the science and a ranking of common beverages and their antioxidant levels. 


On to the benefits of hot lemon water!


1. You'll feel fancy...because it's what all the super models do. 


2. It balances the PH level in your body. Lemons are an alkaline food. This may surprise you, since they are acidic outside of the body. However, the citric acid found in lemons does not create an acidic environment once metabolized in the body. Why does this matter? An alkaline internal environment is essential for preventing and fighting disease by inhibiting the growth of "bad" organisms like certain bacteria, viruses, yeast, and even cancer! So sorry meat and dairy eaters...animal products are MASSIVE offenders when it comes to internal environment. For more on creating an alkaline internal environment, see the following resources: 


       - 80 Alkaline Ideas



3. Maybe I should have listed this first: It can aid in weight loss! Lemons are full of something called pectin fiber, which is a soluble fiber that provides bulk and digests slowly. What does that mean? It helps you feel full, stops cravings that might lead to a coffee and donut situation, and helps you stay regular by increasing viscosity in the gut and squeegee-ing out what needs to leave! Guess what that means? Cancer fighter...specifically colon cancer. Seeing a trend here? 


4. It aids in digestion. Drinking something warm in the morning, will get the gut moving (technical term being peristalsis). Imagine a water slide. Now imagine trying to slide down a water slide with no water. Don't start your day with a dry water slide.


5. It makes your skin glow (see #1). The nutrients in the lemon purge toxins from the body and can even help reduce wrinkles! You go, supermodel.


6. It helps you stay healthy when everyone at the office is coughing and sneezing. Vitamin C, everyday.


So, to recap. Cancer fighters, water slide, supermodel. There's your knowledge for the day!


Lemon water! HECK YES!



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