Veg of the Month: Cauliflower

August 12, 2018


Dear Friends,


In the past year I have encountered a number of friends and acquaintances who have also faced some serious medical issues.  I guess this might be a sign of my aging.  Maybe it’s a matter of me and my friends having to pay the piper for the years of abuse we have all put our bodies through. 


Faced with a serious health issue of my own and with the love and support of my family community I have been able to change.  It’s frustrating, though, to see the benefits of a plant-based diet in my life and not be able to convince my friends and extended family to try to change their ways.   It’s especially frustrating when you know they are suffering.


Let’s face it; it’s hard to change our behaviors.  I wouldn’t have done this either if the food hadn’t been so good.  It’s encouraging to find more vegan options on the rare occasions when we go out to eat.  It’s easier to make changes when we are exposed to good tasting, healthy food! We would love to convince everyone on the beauty and tastiness of vegetables. But instead of cauliflower you might start with the vegan hazelnut cookies.


Cauliflower.  Who here has ever really liked cauliflower?  Remember when your mom put cauliflower in a pot of boiling water and took it out when it was nothing but mush falling off your fork.  “Eat it, it’s good for you”!  Ummm, yummy!  Not. 

What we have posted here is not your mother’s cauliflower recipe.  Try it, you’ll like it.

Imagine, spending your whole life studying cauliflower!  Ok, I couldn’t imagine spending my whole life studying cauliflower.  I’d never have time for hockey, but I’m glad there are people who do study plants so they can tell us about the great things they do for our bodies – if we only eat them! 

Here is a brief synopsis of information I found about cauliflower on the web at Natural Food Series. Remember, information is power.  In this case it is power for a more healthy life!

1. The first benefit NaturalFoodSeries lists is “boosting ultraviolet radiation protection”.  Goodness gracious, who doesn’t want better skin and protection for the largest organ in our bodies.  Don’t forget the Coopertone when you go to the beach, but also bring along some raw cauliflower for dipping with your hummus!


2. The second benefit listed is “fighting inflammation”. More and more it seems that inflammation is an evil agent in the body that is the source of all kinds of health problems.  Quick, go to the health food store and get a bottle of cauliflower pills!  Oh wait, just try one of our recipes instead.


3. “Research has established that cauliflower is effective for preventing breast, liver, colon, stomach and lung cancers”.  Wow, that is one powerful statement.  In other research I found that cauliflower is also effective in fighting prostate cancer.  And did I tell you that it tastes so good too!


4. Cauliflower is an excellent source of Vitamin K which promotes bone health and prevents the loss of bone density associated with osteoporosis.  It “improves digestion and detoxification” helping your body absorb the minerals it needs. 



5. Cauliflower “supports healthy weight loss” since it is high in fiber, low in calories, has zero fat, and is very low in sugar and carbs.  This wonder-veggie also “boosts brain health” by providing your body with choline, a B vitamin that will help you “sleep better, improve your cognitive performance and muscle coordination, and help sharpen your memory”.  These two benefits of cauliflower are especially important for women, “keeping hormones in check and supporting a healthy pregnancy”. 


6. Cauliflower helps to balance estrogen in the body, which in excess can cause damage to the “autoimmune system, cause chronic fatigue, lead to ovarian cancer and hypothyroidism.  Cauliflower is an excellent source of folate, “which health professionals suggest women supplement with when pregnant”.  Everyone will benefit from cauliflowers “support for eye health and boosting the immune system”. 


7. Finally, cauliflower can help “lessen the signs of aging”.  Antioxidants naturally found in cauliflower mitigate the damage caused by free radicals in the body.



The bottom line here is that cauliflower is a very powerful food to eat to boost your overall health.  Eat healthy and live well.



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